Part 1:1  “Strengthen Your Heart to Believe” series. Welcome to the 1st Live Post.

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OKAY- Here we Go with the “Window into Bloom Project”:

1st Post: Here is what happened @ the not so average Meet & Greet of  a new Bloom Group  in the (Senoia, Georgia chapter) written from the fresh perspective of a lady in the group- Pen named NOVA-


This last week a group of  16 of us were able to connect together though life giving humor, and prayer, filling the air with joy and depth.  We heard the heart of what we will be journeying through in the latest Bloom group (Senoia). We will be learning to align our hearts with what God says, rearranging aspects of our lives to begin standing on His words in faith, risking all to believe we are who God says we are. As we stilled ourselves before God and each other, we entered into a rhythm of breathing in the presence of God, breathing Him in and all else out.  In our minds, with each breath in, we named our specific areas of need as we took Him in.  Stillness, intimacy, comfort, truth, cleansing, mercy, grace etc.  Next, we breathed all else out.  We named in our minds the guilt, darkness, doubt, anxiety, anger, striving etc, as it left with our very breath.  Through this alone, we would have left transformed, but we went on, laughing and crying, sharing stories, and as we did, I felt us being knit together.  I felt life beginning to grow. Somewhere between breathing, and being, we started to become.

In hearing the beautiful vision of our upcoming journey together, I was flooded with images of the woman who had the issue of blood.  The one who so bravely grabbed ahold of the hem of Jeshua’s garment, knowing if He was the promised one, there would be healing in His wings.  I can only imagine the desperation and faith that would fasten her gaze on Him with such purpose, flinging her towards such a bold and venturesome act.  So fervently and courageously she pushed through the crowds of shame, terror, circumstance.  She let go of what she was by law and culture, pushing against what she was told she was destined for, determined to crawl forward with everything she had, to grab ahold of the promises she heard, trusting, pushing herself into the most vulnerable of places, in the face of all that was coming against her, believing that if He was who He was said to be, He was worth the risk.  She put more faith in Him, in His ability, in His words, in His promises, than everything else she had known.  She dared to enter into an unknown world of faith, grabbing ahold of the promise, of what she chose to believe Him to be, and by so doing, she became who she was.  I am beginning to realize, as we step out onto His words, they are the one thing we can depend on.  ”All other ground is sinking sand.”  He is the only thing worth clinging to.  I hope to have the same courage, steadfast on the hope of glory, and for each of us, together, to run to the feet of Jesus, and cling to Him.

“And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.”  Luke 8:48

Looking forward to a grand adventure in Bloom’s “Strengthen your heart to BELIEVE” Group.



note: this series is a springboard from the wonderful book: “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord” By Bill Johnson



What’s “Window into Bloom”? Want to see what it actually looks like when women get together not to gossip, whine, or bemoan all the difficulties in life. But rather purpose their hearts to experience the tangible presence of Jesus, himself. Ladies from many different local churches gathering for one purpose- to know Him more and to grow in sweet fellowship with other women that encourage them to become fully alive in Christ!  Bloom is a ministry of WDA (Worldwide Discipleship Association) and we love helping Ladies, Wives and Mommies BLOOM into mature believers so that they can raise the next generation of Christian children to grow up in the full Love, Knowledge, and Power of the Lord. We believe that weekly discipleship is an essential ingredient in the growth process. This “window into Bloom” project is to be an opportunity to pier  into the world of Bloom’s weekly Discipleship group that meets in Senoia, GA. I have asked a couple ladies in this current group to write a weekly recap from their perspective, which I hope will be a fresh and genuine glance into the heart of the impact of Bloom ministries.

I’m hoping this “Window into Bloom”, will serve 3 primary viewing purposes.

If you are:

1. A Current Bloom Lady in the Senoia, Georgia Chapter,  then this will be a practical tool for you. If you happen to miss a week’s meeting, no worries, you can stay connected to the heart of the content and the spirit of the last meeting by reading the week’s recap.

2. Interested in learning more about Bloom either to join or launch a new group. If you are interested in either, please read till your hearts content and know that I’d love to talk with you to help you get involved or to answer any questions you may have about your interest in becoming apart of the Bloom network and launching a Bloom Ministry in your community. please email me at

3. A Prayer or Financial Supporter, you will be able to see the current heartbeat of a live Bloom group. This insight will help you know how to pray more specifically as well as feel thrilled that you are actively partnering with the Lord in Blooming the next generation of families, in a mighty way! (Keep in mind this is just one aspect of the Bloom Ministry Reach- your prayers and donations help accomplish much more!)

As always I’d love your feedback. – Jackie Dukes, Founder and Director of Bloom Ministries

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