“I used the WDA materials [in a church planting situation overseas], and the response was beyond our expectation for such a short period of time. The brother there has continued to use the materials and his church is growing spiritually and, as a result of that, is growing numerically also.“

Associate Pastor


“Prior to coming on WDA staff, I taught high-school English. My experience as an educator convinced me that our schools, churches and families were losing the battle to help our youth grow up and become productive citizens. Being on WDA staff provided me with a framework, tools, and practical experience for helping people grow to maturity. This has made me a better parent at home and a more effective lay-leader in my church.”.

WDA Staff

“Returning to WDA after 10 years in pastoral ministry, I can see how vital WDA’s mission is to the church and the world. From seeing young believers established in their faith to helping pastors all over the world learn how to develop leaders in their churches, WDA understands what you need and supplies biblical material that adapts to your ministry context. Most importantly WDA has people who have the experience to train you to disciple others.”

Buddy Eades – WDA Church Ministry Consultant

“I have been committed to discipleship throughout my ministry, yet it has been difficult to see it accomplished in a consistent way. WDA’s philosophy of ministry has expanded my vision of all that is involved in disciple building and its centrality to the health and reproductive abilities of the church.”.

Senior pastor