Dear Readers,

I greet you all in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping you are all doing well. My family and I, we are all doing fine.

I have been in Lilongwe central region of Malawi specifically in Mchinji – Mkanda area. I had leadership training with pastors and church leaders who came from different churches and locations in the area surrounding where the training took place.

This conference was for five days. We started on July 5 and went to July 9, 2022. On the final day these men and women of God were sent to the field to witness to people in various location as another way of practicing what they were trained. This training had 100 people and I praise God because these 100 people managed to share the word of God with many people and out of that a huge number – 1,576 people – came to the Lord after receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. We used life coaching materials because it’s part of door-to-door Evangelism. During the entire time I spent with my students there, WDA Malawi provided us with WDA material for free of charge, 100 New Testament Chichewa Bibles, food, student’s accommodation, etc.

I thank God for the great things He is doing to us and our WDA ministry here in Malawi, our ministry is growing and we have reached many districts here in Malawi. In June I was in Zomba District where I had the same training. Zomba district is found in the Eastern part of Malawi while Mchinji –Mkanda District is very close to Chipata Zambia. Mchinji-Mkanda has boundaries with Malawi and some of these pastors who attended this training came from Zambia because we were very close to the place where this conference took place 

I would also like to thank WDA headquarters there in the USA for the support and all your prayers for us here in Malawi, our ministry is growing so fast because you are providing us with all necessities we need in  time. The student’s notes you are giving us are helping a lot and they are transforming many lives. We are so happy because we are able to see great Malawi transforming through the training we are offering under the WDA ministry.

Finally, I want to ask you our brothers and sister in the Kingdom of God to stand with us in prayers on these specific needs we have in our ministry here in Malawi. As you are praying don’t forget to pray for our requests as well:

The following are our prayer items;

(1)  Continue praying for our  own stationary office Brock construction and  this project needs $6, 700 

(2)  The WDA Malawi regional coordinators need 4 motor bicycles which cost $800 each including insurance and government documents.  The total costs will be $3,200.  We need only 4 motor bikes because in Malawi we have 4 regions e.g. Southern region, Eastern Region, Central region and Northern region.

In the Southern region we have 9 districts, In the Eastern region we have 5 districts, In the Central region we have 8 districts, and in Northern region we have 6 districts. So because of that our coordinators have a big job to reach WDA members in their area, to follow up and conduct Bible studies in those areas, please help us in any way you can because this is a big challenge to our WDA ministry here in Malawi.

(3)  Please pray for WDA new material fee we need to pay for our translators who are translating the notes from English to our local language (Chichewa)  These are the notes that need to be translated;

(a)   Life Coaching (Translation costs is $400)

(b) Equipping for Ministry (Translation costs is $400)

(c)  Disciple Building Biblical Framework (Translation costs is $400)

(d) Spiritual Tension/Focusing on Eternal Things/Living in the Tensions/Tensions within Christianity/The Role of suffering and also Understanding Emotions/Restoring your heart (Translation costs is $650.

After translation we are going to type, editing and printing on our own using printing equipment you bought us, but after printing we will need to have $2,400 for only binding the entire books that have been listed to be translated. Remember we don’t have binding machine and laminating right now and these are very important machines as well.

The Total books we need to bind in all subjects that have been indicated are 650, but the money we will need to pay for THOSE BOOKS are;


Grand Totals=$4,250  

God bless WDA HEADQUARTERS in USA and WDA Malawi; please keep on praying for our ministry here in Malawi.

Brother Paul.