Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord,
What a wonderful opportunity to have this time and share with you my recent outreach into Congo, another country. Indeed it was a unique experience as it was my first time being in this country. The country has some requirement for one to pass through the border and enter the country: VISA, full COVID-19 vaccine certificate, 72 hours COVID-19 test, yellow book, and passport. So, I had to find money and get all these documents before starting off to Congo. But it was worthy paying for because I had to go, meet the National leader, conduct training, launch a national disciple making movement, and hold a meeting with national leaders. This is my job as Africa director: travel to African countries and introduce a disciple making movement for the whole country as it has been in Zambia. In Zambia we have a leader in each of the ten provinces of Zambia. And these leaders have established centers in their provinces. And from these centers disciple making springs from and spreads to the whole of that province.
1. Arriving at the border of Congo.