Surprise trip! I was asked by Jeremiah to represent WDA at his July 2nd wedding! I will speak at his church on Sunday and teach for the noon fellowships on Monday and Tuesday before flying home again on the 6th.
  On June 28th, I’ll fly from Chicago through Doha, Qatar then on to Entebbe (Uganda’s Int’l airport). Add to that the shuttle from W. Lafayette to Chicago (3 1/2-4 hrs) and the drive to Jinja from Entebbe (3-3 1/2 hrs).
 Pray for all the logistics and continued good health!

But first, the Senior Recognition Picnic…it was a sweet time, hearing how they had impacted each others’ lives. 

Moving on…Linrui and Wanru
will finish their Ph.D’s in Chemistry this summer. Mahashree is finishing her Masters. Sometime before September, they will all be
leaving for their next challenge!
I will miss them but we will
(of course) stay in touch!

Jasper meeting Jesca
Two years ago, Jeremiah’s dear
wife, Regina, died after giving
birth, leaving him with 4 young
children, including newborn
Jasper. It has been a very hard
two years, emotionally and
physically, even with help from
his youngest brother and a
nursemaid for Jasper. We are all
excited for them to become a family
and minister together!
  His is a powerful testimony, from witchdoctor to pastor! Click on the picture to read the story I wrote in October 2013 after meeting him in
July of that year. 

Jeremiah, in white shirt,
leading our singing at the
Summit in Nairobi in 2017.
Click on the image to enjoy
the video!

And…Kelly and I start teaching a New Leaders’ cohort (about 7 people) starting May 18th, for about a year! Click on the image to see more information. I love the discussions and bond that is created!

Ella, on the right, is a Senior
   I have met with her and her cousin, Grace, this year. What a delight! Grace and I will continue for 2 more years. That’s Delta in the middle, a faithful attender of Alpha Fellowship and Ministry Training. 


Jesca and Jeremiah
at Introduction Ceremony,
March 19th (his first need for a
fund-raiser). This is when the
groom is formally introduced
to the bride’s family and offers
gifts (dowry). His older 3 kids “formally requested” to be
present at this event…he
could not refuse that precious request! 

The boys, Joshua and
Jonathan, each in a Kanzu 
and Jemima in a traditional
Ugandan dress. They are 
having a similar dress made
for me.

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