WDA Asia: A RYH Story

In 2021, a group of leaders from Ikthus Bacolod Church in the Philippines asked WDA to take them through Restoring Your Heart groups so that they might grow, heal, and become trained to facilitate growth and healing in the Philippines.

“I have been a person who has carried a thick cloud of darkness with me.

Darkness I didn’t wish others to see or at least know. Darkness I wanted to rid myself of. Darkness I hoped, by all means, never crossed my path. Needless to say, it’s [been] one crooked journey full of tears, bitterness, countless questions, and demanding petitions.

I already have a couple of good, trusted people who so willingly shared my gloomy burdens and added a sparkle of sunshine into my life, but the decision to join Restoring Your Heart (RYH) was altogether different.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to confront all of the pain again and lay my soul bare in front of women I barely knew. I found myself wrestling between the chasm of the awful darkness I was too ashamed to expose and the longing to resurface from the deep, and finally breathe. I wanted to be healed, but I had to prepare myself to go through the worst before I started to feel better. As the old adage goes, “Pain, no matter how unpleasant…demands to be felt.”

During the first couple of months of RYH sessions, I felt emotionally wrecked. I probably could have filled a bucket accumulating all of the tears shed. I felt like an onion being peeled layer by layer until I had laid every strip of myself at the feet of Jesus. As I confronted my ugly hurts, I also found myself stumbling into something beautiful; God’s saving Light. It shone so bright that it overcame all of the darkness within me! His forgiveness found me and taught me to release the same forgiveness to the person I find the hardest to forgive: myself.

You see, it’s hard to forgive someone who has gravely offended you, but even harder if you have not forgiven yourself, and hardest if you haven’t yet accepted the forgiveness bestowed upon you by Jesus.

I am Therese Faith Tanista. Flawed, Forgiven, Free.”