From the Desk of Zablon Mukoshi 

WDA Kenya 

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

My name is Pastor Zablon Mukoshi from Western Kenya, Kakamega County. I’m the founding  bishop of Saints Redemption Church, Kenya.  

I came to know WDA in 2013 when I attended a seminar in Bungoma where missionaries from the  U.S. were teaching leadership maturity, forgiveness, and Processing Pain. Before the end of that  seminar, I presented to them a list of names of persons I had vowed never to forgive, to help me  learn how to forgive them. 

I also learned another mistake I frequently used to make that could have cost my church’s growth.  The mistake was appointing immature leaders, based on their educational level and financial  stability. These WDA lessons healed me as a person, healed my marriage, other family matters, and  my ministry at large. Through the same lessons, God has used me to assist others, reconcile family  disputes, church leaders’ conflicts, and establish church stability. Praise the Lord!  

Here is a list of things God has done for me in 2021: 

  • Gift of life for me and my family, good (or restored) health for us all. I had two kids in the  university already and, although struggling, I now have the 3rd there as well.  Steady church growth, even with the pandemic. By faith, we have started to build a new  church building since the old one is collapsing.  
  • My wife was promoted to the position of pastor.  
  • The lockdown has been lifted and our WDA groups have resumed meeting in person. 

Goals for 2022: 

  • Spreading God’s Word in places I have never been.  
  • Creating more WDA groups with a target of 3,000 new members  


  • Finishing building the new church.  
  • Increasing our church membership from 70 adults to 100.  
  • Counsel and guide my kids to keep upholding God’s Word in their  

hearts. Pray for their success in school. 

Financial needs for 2022: $5,000

Your financial partnership and fervent prayers are helping to underwrite ministry work that exalts  God in the lives of individuals & advances His Kingdom here on earth. I cannot thank you enough! 

Yours Faithfully,Zablon