From the Office of WDA Ethiopia 

Dr. Zekarias Amdebirhan Tiruneh, Dawit Indrias , Mekonnen Adamu

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

Here in Ethiopia, as a nation, as a Church, and ministers of God, we are passing through hard times.  As you are already informed, the Covid-19 pandemic affected our society, churches, as well as our  families in one way or another. 

In Northern parts of Ethiopia, there is a stern war between the rebel groups called The Tigray  People Liberation Front and The Ethiopia Defense Force. In the Western Part of the country, there  is a war between The Oromo Liberation Army and The Ethiopian Defense Force. Due to the severity  of these wars more than two million people are displaced from the Tigray, Amhara and Afar  Regions. Innocent people are killed, women are raped, and children are starved. The crises are  escalating day to day. 

In all these challenges, we thank God that we (WDA Ethiopia Staff Members) can visit, encourage,  pray, and share the Word of God for our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Ministry Accomplishments for 2021: 

  • Trained 28 ministers using WDA Cornerstone materials 
  • Trained 45 men and women using WDA Cornerstone 


Goals For 2022: 

  • Lead Restoring Your Heart seminars for pastors,  

evangelists, and church members throughout Ethiopia. 

Financial Needs for 2022: $6,000 

  • Transportation and Lodging for seminars 
  • Projector, Video camera, photo camera 
  • Office space rental 

Your financial partnership and fervent prayers are helping to underwrite ministry work that exalts  God in the lives of individuals & advances His Kingdom here on earth. We cannot thank you enough! 

Your Brothers in Christ, Zekarias, Dawit, and Mekonnen