Friends, exciting news! We have two new associate staff!

Mark Nyirenda has been pastoring at Agape Baptist Church in Kitwe Zambia for the last several years. He has a missionary heart and served for a year alongside Jules Wazeng in the Congo. His wife is a teacher and he has 3 children. He is a WDA trainer and RYH leader. He will be an excellent addition to our team both within Zambia and I believe throughout Africa. We have been friends since 2010 and him joining staff is a dream come true! He is also a gifted writer and the brilliant mind behind our “Mr. Kasongo” case study.

Jeanine Nzikobanyanka is the wife of George Solo, though now we may have to start saying George is the husband of Jeanine. She is a gifted teacher and pastor in Burundi where she lives with her 4 children. She oversees 4 churches and has a degree in early childhood development. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a passion to train up believers, She will be a huge gift to WDA!

Please join me in welcoming Mark and Jeanine!