MasswelcomematHello and Welcome to the family!

If you are reading this blog, and you have just begun a new relationship with Jesus, we at WDA are very excited that God has worked in your heart!  The great thing about being a new Christian is that you are about to begin an amazing adventure!  Following Jesus will change everything.

Over 2000 years ago, when Jesus came on the scene of John the Baptist’s preaching, everything changed as well.  Jesus began to draw men to Himself and extended an invitation for them to come and see!  No one knew where this new prophet, rabbi, teacher would take them, but they certainly were interested!  This is where we all were when we first came to Christ.

When you begin your journey with Jesus it can be the same way.  Some of us have realized that Jesus is the most important thing in our lives, having come to believe in Him as our savior and lord, yet not having very much background in spiritual things.  We didn’t go to church or have any Christian friends.  Others of us have been around church so much, we were somewhat surprised that knowing Jesus and growing as a Christian could be fresh and new.  But whether we were religious or ir-religious, Jesus comes to us, showing that our faith isn’t something we do, but something He does for us.  Grace is un-merited.  We don’t earn it by being spiritual or receive credit for all the times we attend church.  We are not punished for any lack of spirituality or penalized for living a life focused on ourselves.

Yet now that you have begun to be interested in Jesus, you might wonder what it will look like to know more about Him.  If that makes you a bit nervous, its ok. The great thing about learning to follow Jesus is that He asks us to “come and see” just as He asked His first disciples.

So what does that look like?  Following Jesus means that we all are growing to be more like Him every day! If you are just starting out on this journey, I would recommend reading the Pocket Principles called Getting Started.  These are short essays of topics related to following Jesus for the first time.  You will learn about how to be sure you really are a Christian.  You will also learn about the Bible, prayer and other ways you can grow to listen and learn from Jesus.  You will also learn why belonging to a Christian community is important.

I recommend you find some other people who are on the journey and walk with them together in community.  This might be the people in your church or campus ministry, or other Christians that you trust and are excited about your decision to be a “Christ follower.”

Come back to over the next few weeks and read the Pocket Principles for Getting Started that we post. If you like them, ask someone you know to read them with you. If you belong to a church, ask if there is a Bible study group and recommend Getting Started and its accompanying Guided Discussions (Bible studies) as something you would be interested in studying together with them.

Welcome to the journey!  We are excited you are part of the family!