Bob Linda and Princy

Murder your daughter…

What would you do if you were in another country when you received an email that your first born child, your precious13 year old daughter, would be kidnapped, raped and murdered?  E. A. Abraham was in the US seeking to raise funds for his ministry of church planting, Bible training, schooling and orphan care in India when the email came.  As he frantically sought the Lord, an idea hit him…he should send his daughter away immediately to a boarding school in anther part of India.

Bob Linda and Princy
Abraham’s daughter interpreting for WDA President, Bob Dukes

Unable to give their young child an adequate explanation, her mother quickly packed their daughter up and put her on a two-day train ride with two of her uncles as escorts.  Understandably, her daughter was miserable, sad and confused.  The language and customs in this new place were very different from her own, and how she missed her mother, father and brother!

When Abraham came to visit as soon as he got home, there were many tears shed, and his daughter followed him to the gates of the hostel weeping loudly.  As Abraham rode the rail home, his own heart was aching and breaking.  “There is such suffering for my whole family because I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he thought.  Abraham too wept bitterly, yet found comfort in the Lord after he yielded the matter to God’s care.

His daughter stayed and graduated from higher secondary school, then went back to enroll in seminary in the same city.  She graduated with two bachelor degrees, and God “turned the curse into a blessing,” because of His love for Abraham and his family. (Deut. 23:5)  Today, she’s added a counseling degree to her list of accomplishments and is working with her parents’ ministry in India.

Abraham meanwhile has been seeking the Lord regarding how to disciple the many young men and women who look to him for leadership.  Two couples just returned from India after teaching the first installment of WDA’s 28/20 discipleship process.  Please pray that God will lead and guide us as we seek to develop a strategic partnership in this land of mystery and miracle.