A Harmony of the Gospels

Ever Study Jesus’ Ministry in a Chronological order?

A Harmony of the GospelsOver the years there have been plenty of people who have considered the life and ministry of Christ.  The gospels which are good news were written by eye witnesses to Jesus.  While the idea of taking individual gospel texts and placing them in parallel or harmony isn’t a new idea, our founder Carl Wilson began to develop a ministry philosophy which, through the years, has been developed into WDA’s progressive discipleship philosophy.

What Jesus Did, You Can Do

One idea for a challenging and encouraging time in Bible Study is to take the Gospels and follow the themes using WDA’s 5 phases. What Jesus Did, What You Can Do, which follows the Biblical texts of the Gospels, shows how Jesus went about His life and ministry and considers how we too can follow His pattern. Each section has scripture references that follow the Harmony of the Gospels.

One way to begin this study is to get a copy of Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework. You can Biblical Frameworkbegin by reading about the big picture of discipleship and learn about the RCAPS Grid and the 5 Phases.  You could also begin by looking at the Harmony of the Gospels and use the document, What Jesus Did, What You Can Do (phase 1 sample), as an introduction. What Jesus Did, What  You Can Do is included with Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework that you can order for free at the WDA Store.

Harmony of the Gospels Downloads and Links

Consider using one of the “Harmony of the Gospel” links and books.

Get a copy of the Harmony and then order a free copy of Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework.

Take some time to study the life and ministry of Christ. 


Notes of the Peterson pdf. –  Headings and scripture selections were defined by A. T. Robertson in A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ, Copyright 1922 by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., Copyright 1950 by The Citizens Fidelity Bank and Trust Company. Bible text is from the 1769 King James Version of the Holy Bible, also known as the Authorized Version.