Bank of America Plaza Atlanta Under ConstructionWhen my two sons were young we went to downtown Atlanta for the groundbreaking of one of the more famous skyscrapers.  We had been reading about the project for months in the local papers and were excited to watch the construction of “The tallest building in the South”.  As we arrived on the scene, the bulldozers were already clearing the site, but there was a viewing area for spectators with an architectural rendering of the completed structure emblazoned on the side of the construction fencing.  “Wow!” my oldest exclaimed, “It’s humongous!”  And indeed it was, soaring over fifty stories above Peachtree Street, it certainly promised to be a focal point of the city skyline. (The Bank of America Plaza)

We faithfully trekked to the site and watched trucks haul away dirt and debris while other trucks delivered steel girders and other building materials.  After several weeks of this vigil, one of the boys exclaimed in frustration, “Dad, when are they going to start working on the building?”  (It was a question that I had pondered myself, because all that existed was a large hole and lots of mud.)  Approaching a worker with a set of plans under his arm, I inquired,  “Can you give us some idea when the building is going to begin?”  His chuckle made it obvious the question had come up before.Bank of America Plaza Atlanta “It’s hard to believe it,” he said “but this hole is the most important part of the building.  We have to dig down deep and build a solid foundation to support a structure that’s over seventy stories tall.  It will take several months to pour the concrete and sink the steel pillars, but then we’ll start going up.  Once we start, it will rise pretty fast!”

The Bible compares living the Christian life with constructing a building.  Just as there are phases in building a building, there are phases in the growth of a Christian, and the first phase is: “laying a foundation”.  Our initial salvation experience is the beginning of a process of growth that lasts a lifetime.  The success of our Christian walk is determined by the strength of our spiritual foundation.  Matthew 7: 24-27 asserts that the Christian life built on a solid foundation will withstand the storms of life.

Unfortunately, some ministry leaders, in their zeal to deploy new believers to ministry assignments, can neglect the important task of laying foundations.  The tallest building in the South is still standing today.  Believers who establish solid foundations are more likely to stand during life’s storms and remain fruitful during times of drought, than those who are not equipped with a solid base for growth.


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