Bob Dukes

Maturity Is Not An Accident!

We all appreciate the maturity demonstrated by the honest business person, the hard working employee, the patient caregiver, the kind shopkeeper, the caring parent, the respectful teenager, the loving spouse, the wise political leader.

But, in actuality, we take more notice of immaturity: at ball games, in traffic, in government… and we all sense that maturity is quickly disappearing.

Our Society seems to be approaching a point-of-no-return, imploding on it’s selfishness. This is tragic, and keeps us on our knees, seeking God and wondering about the future.

The Lord Jesus had a process for equipping the first leaders of the Church to be mature, and His plan remains transferable. His commission to make and equip disciples from all nations applies until His Return.

Rick Warren believes that obedience rather than age is the key to spiritual maturity. Obedience implies that there is more to truth than just “knowing”, it suggest that there is a strong component that requires “doing”.

Worldwide Discipleship Association has spent the last thirty-eight years focusing on one thing: Developing Christ-like character in people and equipping them to disciple others. Take a look at our new brochure, Maturity Matters to learn more about our ministries, processes, and resources that help present people complete in Christ!

As parents, employers, caregivers and leaders we can guide those in our care to maturity! There is a plan, a process and a model, and the results are proven! Together we can make a difference in our homes, businesses, churches, in our communities and in our nation. Because as we all have come to know, Maturity really does matter!

If you agree with us that maturity is important, biblical and necessary consider joining us  with your prayers, your time or your financial support. Together, we can make a difference!

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