Travel Journal

An ancient Buddhist town sits on the crossroads of a major highway near the site of a new university. Thanks to the help of Carroll and Shirley, a new church sits at this important intersection, the only Christian witness in a dark part of the country. Young Pastor “T” and his fledgling congregation are part of a 3% Christian minority in this “closed” country. They represent a giant step toward the salvation of their people. But according to the law, they cannot share the gospel with their neighbors and often experience persecution because of their faith.

Nevertheless, small pockets of gospel witness like this one are springing up all over the country as young believers are discipled and sent out from a small seminary in the capital. Eleven of these young men and women graduated from the bible college seminary on Saturday. Gary Rich, who accompanied the Coakleys, gave the commencement address to the graduates and 300 attendees. On Monday, Carroll and Shirley began training several of the students for their month-long deployment to Buddhist villages throughout the country. Shirley and Billie conducted 2 days of training for the women of the church.

On their way home, the Coakleys and the Richs visited two missionary couples in Singapore for a refreshing time of fellowship and prayer. They write, “We felt God’s anointing on us in everything with which we were involved… The Riches could hardly believe all of the success of T’s ministry and how it has been used by God… WDA has been a great part of it through the power of God’s Spirit.”

WDA labors alongside these brothers and sisters in offering training, resources, and prayer. It is our heart’s earnest desire that through this crucial equipping ministry, this closed country might open its doors to the gospel of Jesus Christ. There’s a lot to be done,” says Carroll, “but few sowers. There are not a lot of people who want to go and have the commitment.”

Pray for the spreading of the gospel and the ongoing work of helping faithful brothers and sisters around the world grow to maturity. Consider making the Coakleys and especially the people in “closed” areas of the world a part of your regular prayers! Work such as this doesn’t happen without the support and prayers of God’s people.

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