Growing up, we boys always carried stuff in our pockets.  Often it was an entire collection of items.  At any time, I might have a stick of gum, a folding knife, an arrowhead I found by the river, a couple of marbles, my lucky rabbit’s foot, a compass, something alive (or at least it was alive when I put it there) and a few coins.  I carried those things because I needed them, and my pockets were the most convenient place to store them.

As an adult, I still have things I need to access quickly and easily.  But the list has changed.  I don’t carry many items in my pockets these days, my smart phone is now my best storage unit.  But the thought of having something handy when you need it, is the concept behind WDA’s “Pocket Principles”.

The “Pocket Principles” collection contains hundreds of short essays that are geared to progressive stages of spiritual development and aimed at specific growth points in the Christian life.  Each essay targets a concept needed to help a Christian “take the next step” on the Christian journey.  And unlike the things in the pockets of my boyhood trousers, these items remain timeless.

Pocket Principles® are currently offered along with Guided Discussions. The content of the Pocket Principles® will reinforce truth learned in the group discussion. Each workbook is formatted for use in a small group, where pocket principles may read prior to each discussion.  Also, if a group member misses a meeting, he can read the corresponding Pocket PrincipleTM to review the information missed.

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