Discipleship is more caught than taught someone once said. We at WDA believe that for people to grow to maturity in Christ this begins with relationships. Life on Life, day by day, moment by moment relationships. When Jesus begins his ministry he starts by asking one of his first followers to “Come and See.” This basic invitation for them to come along and learn is the root of great discipleship. No one ever can see all that you invest in a friendship. You cannot see all the training that your children get from you by only looking at what you may have covered over the dinner table. Even the most involved home-schooling parent cannot see the full measure of what living with you child teaches them.

The person who says to another come and see doesn’t just say come learn from the things I do correctly or listen to be teach a bible study, they say come learn how I follow Christ. A disciple who is able to connect with a discipler, has to commit time. There is a partnership and a familial relationship that develops. The beauty of this type of teaching is that I share my failures and better yet reveal and demonstrate my failures to someone I disciple. They get to see me running to the cross, repenting and trusting in the truth of the gospel. They get to see me struggle to obey and strive to understand difficulty truth.

Life on Life discipleship is not something that happens in a classroom. Consider who the people are who have poured into your life. A teacher, a coach, a neighbor, a Dad or a Mom. These people didn’t have an impact on you because you listen to a lecture and answered all the questions. You grew because God used them in your life. You got to learn as you were able to live around them.

Discipleship is Life on Life. We at WDA strive to give you the tools to know how to learn to disciple this way. We have staff who are trained in this type of ministry.  See if there is a WDA staff person in your area who may be able to introduce you to WDA and more importantly to Life on Life Discipleship like Jesus did.