Who is God?



Our newest book just in time for fall semester. Great for students!

Who is God?

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When disciple building breaks down, cultures follow. But thankfully Jesus gave us the perfect pattern to build disciples.

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework by Bob Dukes

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Where do emotional problems begin? Learn more about how WDA’s Restoring Your Heart ministry helps people heal from past pain and become healthy, vibrant followers of Christ.

How Emotional Problems Develop by Jack Larson

Restoring Your Heart Founder | Pastor and Disciple Builder

A Small Groups Manual



Begin to build small group experiences that result in spiritual growth. A Small Groups Manual shows how WDA’s R-CAPS¬© approach can build mature Christians while providing helpful tips and skills for leading groups.

A Small Groups Manual by Bob Dukes

with | Betsy Riley



Building Disciple Builders since 1974


WDA TrainS Leaders

Train up mature local leaders in your church or ministry who are able to train others.

WDA Creates Curriculum 

Equip your ministry leaders with simple, progressive tools which promote growth and maturity..

WDA Builds Disciple Building Culture 

Consult with WDA to design and build a culture of discipleship in your church or ministry\