Atlanta Arts NetworkAtlanta Arts Network serves as a part of the Church ministry of Worldwide Discipleship Association.  The Network is made up of two separate but related ministries, Arts Communities under the direction of local churches and the Worship Leaders’ Communities as a part of a larger church network.

These ministries work within the context of WDA’s 28/20 Church ministry, first consulting with and coaching leaders who develop arts ministries and disciple artists in the local church context and secondly by providing a place for pastoral ministry and leadership development for worship leaders

The Arts Communities are the natural outworking of disciple building in the local church and provide a place for like minded individuals to connect to each other, encourage creativity and cultivate and grow as mature believers.  They are not meant to replace the normal disciple building structures in the church but provide a place for vocational and a-vocational creatives to see how their faith and calling intersect. Arts communities will also encourage the cultivation of a love for the arts and help aspiring artists by providing mentoring and discipleship relationships with other artists.

Each Arts Community is at root a Community and the Arts Network encourages each Arts Community to be a place for creativity, openness and hospitality that welcomes and helps build relationships with the unchurched, de-churched, and spiritually interested.  Not only is the Network and each Arts Community a place for mutual encouragement and growth but serves as a vehicle to communicate to others both our love for Arts and more importantly our love for people who need Christ. This Arts Network then becomes one more place for us to see God’s Kingdom advance and see the City of Atlanta and the World changed.

Worship Leaders Communities serve to encourage and strengthen worship leaders while providing a place for leadership
The Worship Leaders Community is led by Buddy Eades and serves many churches.  Worship Leaders Communities provide a gospel community that is both safe and transparent giving leaders the opportunity to create a place for prayer, encouragement, accountability, and counsel.development with a view towards the multiplication of the next generation of worship leaders for the church.

The Atlanta Arts Network exists to connect artists and worship artists, encouraging people who create and share art and cultivate a love for the arts as well as aspiring artists in the context of Christian community.  In all things the AAN exists to bring glory to God as Artists are able to grow in their understanding and practice of creating great Art flowing from lives transformed by the Gospel.

WDA’s partnership with Atlanta Arts Network provides training for churches who desire to establish artist communities in local churches. WDA provides consulting to arts leaders who desire to disciple artists.