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“For decades, Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) focused on discipling college students. Our staff poured their lives into young men and women to help them apply biblical truth. We’re grateful most of our alumni are walking with Christ and providing spiritual leadership in their homes and churches. But after graduation, they share a common lament: ‘Our local church doesn’t seem to know how to help people grow to maturity. Can you help?'”

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The WDA 28/20® Project brochure tells you all about how WDA helps churches and ministries Design and Build Discipleship Programs tailored just for them!

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If you believe in our Mission, we are looking for Ministry Partners! Give to WDA Online Securely with Click and Pledge. All Gifts are Tax Deductible.

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How did Jesus build disciples? WDA uses a model for developing mature leaders based on Jesus ministry. Our Framework derived from Scripture called the R-CAPS Grid, is explained in this ebook. Free for you at the WDA store.

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework


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